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Can you claim a prize with family or friends? Why is the cash value of a jackpot about half of what is advertised? Get the answers to these questions and more. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to respond to informational requests.
General Questions

Yes. About 23 cents of every dollar spent on the Costa Rica Lottery goes to Costa Rica's public schools. See the Where The Money Goes section for more detailed information.

From every dollar spent on a Lottery ticket, more than 95 cents is returned to Costa Rica residents: an average of 66.6 cents goes back to players through prizes, 23 cents goes to Costa Rica's public education system and 5.9 cents is earned by retailers who sell Lottery tickets. Just 4.5 cents of every dollar goes to pay administrative expenses including advertising, ticket printing and computer system costs. For more information see Where the Money Goes.

Our Winner Map shows the selling locations of winning tickets worth $1,000 or more, for both Draw Games and Scratchers. The map covers winning tickets for the previous month.

No. The Costa Rica Lottery does not currently offer sales via the Internet.

Other Questions

At some locations, yes. There are no Costa Rica laws or lottery policies that prevent the purchase of lottery products at retail using debit or credit. The Lottery leaves that up to the discretion of our retail partners. Each retail location is given the freedom to accept (or not accept) debit or credit cards for Lottery purchases, based on their own business goals and guidelines. When in doubt, ask the clerk. Currently, tickets purchased directly from the Lottery at any of our regional offices or events must be paid in cash.

When a winner receiving annuity payments dies, the Costa Rica Lottery continues to make payments to the winner's estate.

No. Players can purchase Costa Rica Lottery tickets from a licensed Costa Rica Lottery retailer. The Lottery cannot mail tickets across state lines.

Riverboat gambling and bingo games are NOT a part of the Costa Rica Lottery. They are governed by the Costa Rica Gaming Commission.